Payment Options

~~Office Fee Schedule and Financial Policy

Financial Policy and Practice Membership Plans

We are committed to providing you with the best chiropractic care possible to help you achieve your maximum health potential.  Our financial policies are designed to be the most cost-effective means toward that objective.  Non-members are expected to pay for services at the time service is rendered.  Practice Members pay by monthly autodebit or prepay for the year.  


To ensure the highest quality chiropractic care possible, our office is transitioning to not accepting insurance. However, until we can achieve that, we are currently accepting only 1 Insurance Plan:

  • Highmark Blue Shield and its Affiliates

  And, Maintenance/Wellness care is NOT covered by this plan.

Membership Options –

__  Option One  *Individual Practice Membership (with autodebit)  $70/Month

__  Option Two   *Family Practice Membership (with autodebit)           $110/Month

___Option Three  *Month-to-Month (No autodebit)(Ind./Family)/         $110/$140


*The Practice Membership is offered with autodebit from you credit/debit card or bank account.

**All fees are non-refundable, including Yearly Prepaid Memberships.

CANCELLATION: You may cancel at anytime within the 12 month agreement but you will be prorated the months under care as a member to a month to month member. 

RESTART:  You may restart at any time with the Month-to-Month plan.


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been going to Kauffman Hummel Chiropractic for years. I tell everyone if it was not for them I do not think I would be walking. I have terrible lower back pain and it goes into my legs. I can always tell when I need an adjustment, and after doing so I always feel like I am living again. Probably, (and don't tell him I said this) if I would listen to "Chiropractor Joe" I would feel even better if I would go more often. The membership plan they offer is very rewarding, because the more you use it the cheaper the rates for a visit become....It is definitely better than my insurance co pay for Chiropractic visits. The staff is very friendly and professional, but after time of going routinely, they become your family. I would highly recommend this Chiropractic office."
    Tammy Wilson