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:We believe that God gave our bodies the innate-born ability to heal ourselves!  If you cut your hand and do nothing, it will heal on its own without help.  If you cut the hand of a dead body, you can pump it full of medications and keep that cut as clean as possible, but it will never heal!!! Why?  Because the body is dead and can no longer heal itself!!!

Whenever your spine is not in proper alignment, your body cannot function as it was meant to…at 100%!!!  So, we help your body help itself by putting your spine in proper alignment and let your innate power do the rest in healing your body.  Thus, assisting innate!!!

In January 2005, Dr. Joseph Kauffman purchased the chiropractic clinic in Lewistown from Dr. Daniel Hummel who has been there practicing for the past 30 years.  Dr. Kauffman has also opened a part time clinic in Reedsville, down behind the Old Woolen Mill. Together, we strive to make Mifflin County and central PA healthier without the use of medication, one spine at a time.

We are changing our payment methodology as we are striving to leave the insurance nightmare. Our office is changing to a cash-based office and are offering membership plans that enable you to acquire chiropractic care at rates more affordable than your insurance co-payment!

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been going to Kauffman Hummel Chiropractic for years. I tell everyone if it was not for them I do not think I would be walking. I have terrible lower back pain and it goes into my legs. I can always tell when I need an adjustment, and after doing so I always feel like I am living again. Probably, (and don't tell him I said this) if I would listen to "Chiropractor Joe" I would feel even better if I would go more often. The membership plan they offer is very rewarding, because the more you use it the cheaper the rates for a visit become....It is definitely better than my insurance co pay for Chiropractic visits. The staff is very friendly and professional, but after time of going routinely, they become your family. I would highly recommend this Chiropractic office."
    Tammy Wilson